Birger Christensen

Birger Christensen is Scandinavia’s leading fur and fashion house. Since opening its doors on “Strøget” in 1869, the store has been constantly evolving, telling new stories, offering customers a modern and original retail space.

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Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen was founded in 1775. Ever since, its products have been produced with a profound respect for tradition and the highest standards of craftsmanship

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House of Amber (Ravhuset)

Amber is a mineralised resin that can be anywhere between 30 and 50 million years old. There is a solid basis in Denmark’s history for referring to amber as ‘the nordic gold’. Even way back in the stone age, people in the nordic region were collecting amber and making jewellery from it. For the vikings, amber was also one of the most important trade goods that they took with them around Europe.

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