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The Museum of Danish Resistance

The story of Denmark’s struggle for freedom



Esplanaden 13

Time to see

2 hrs



The original museum, which dealt with the history of Danish resistance to the German occupation, burned down in 2013. It was quickly decided that the museum should be rebuilt. The winner of the architecture competition to design the new Museum of Danish Resistance was announced on 5 May 2015, and the opening of the museum was planned for 5 May 2020 – naturally, this was not a randomly-selected date, given that Denmark was liberated on 5 May 1945. But here too the coronavirus intruded, and the museum actually opened on 3 July 2020. Now you can meet five historical figures who, each in their own way, chose a side in the fierce resistance struggle during World War II. You are invited to share in their difficult choices and dilemmas.

You can also even try to print illegal publications, tap phone calls and break the Germans’ codes. Accompanying the ticket is an audio guide that brings the voices of the past to life and guides you through the exhibition. You can choose either Danish or English.