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The little mermaid (Den lille havfrue)

The facts: It’s a 125-centimetre-high bronze statue created by the sculptor Edvard Eriksen which takes its subject from H.C. Andersen’s fairy tale. The mermaid was unveiled in 1913.



Langelinie, 2100 København Ø

Time to see



First impression

It’s the LITTLE mermaid. It’s really not very big.


Those who regard it as a great visual experience emphasise the artistic impact of the sculpture in relation to its surroundings. The mermaid is Copenhagen’s most iconic symbol.

Why not

About 15 per cent of Tripadvisor reviews take a negative slant towards the mermaid.

Typically, the sculpture is smaller than these reviewers expect, and it takes only a few moments to look at.


A five-minute walk from The Little Mermaid takes you to the Gefion Fountain (Gefionspringvandet), which is manifestly large and impressive. As an emblem of achievement in Danish sculpture, it’s on a par with The Little Mermaid.